5 Best Alternatives for Google Reader

Google announced that it will shutdown some services including Google Reader in the name of Spring Cleaning. Most of users worried about the shutdown of Google reader. Here are five best alternatives for Google Reader which will keeps you reading posts from your favourite sites or blogs.


Flipboad is a most popular reader application which is available for Android and iOS. You can read both world news and your friends updates on social networks together on this app. Flipboard interface is build with magazine style. You can read the news by flip, also can watch video inside the app.


Feedly is one of the best reader available on Web. It is available for Web, Android and iOS. You can sync with Google reader too, atleast until June 30th. Feedly comes with Save for Later, History, Social shares and many more features.


Pulse reader is specially made for touch screen devices. It is beautiful way to read your
favorite blogs, magazines, social networks and newspapers. It was awarded by Apple for design on 2011.
Other two best alternatives for google reader are,
Taptu – Web | Android | iOS
Newsblur – Web | Android | iOS


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